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General Bidding Information
We will be seeking qualified, experienced contractors to build the UC2B infrastructure and provide related services on a contract basis. We expect to release an RFQ to solicit bids from contractors to build out the fiber-to-the-premises portion of the UC2B network in the next several weeks. Check back often for opportunities to bid on forthcoming RFQs.

Whether you are new to doing business with the State of Illinois or a long-time provider of services, effective July 1, 2010 there is new Illinois Procurement Legislation. Public Act PA 096-795 (also known as SB51) makes significant revisions to the Illinois Procurement Code and places new requirements on vendors and bidders. For more information, refer to “What all State vendors need to know about Public Act 096-795 (PDF).”

Network Engineering and Design Information
Shive-Hattery, Inc. of Downers Grove, Illinois, was awarded the engineering contract to design the Middle Mile backbone and lateral routes, the fiber-to-the-curb routes in the 11 grant-funded Census block groups, as well as Last Mile fiber connections to Anchor Institutions. They have retained the services of Des Moines, Iowa-based NewCom Technologies, Inc. to assist with the development and refinement of the comprehensive fiber-optic network design and prepare construction bid documents, which are expected to be released in April.

Here are a few useful links to information that may help you understand UC2B’s plans:

  • Fiber Design Goals Statement (PDF)
  • Draft of the UC2B construction manual (PDF)
  • UC2B’s vision of the fiber rings usage/purpose (PDF)