UC2B Canvassing Operations

UC2B Brand Ambassadors Signing Up Customers Door-to-Door!

The  University of  Illinois’ Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) will lead efforts to deepen the understanding of the barriers to broadband adoption among residents of the target 11 census block areas in Urbana-Champaign. Through direct mail, door-to-door, and other outreach campaigns, Community Ambassadors  will help educate households, businesses and community anchor institutions about the UC2B network; and collect information for operational development.

The GSLIS team is using a data-driven approach that will:

  • Perform community outreach to inform residents, businesses, and community anchor institutions in the 11 targeted census block groups about the UC2B service;
  • Identify UC2B subscribers among the households, businesses and community anchor institutions
  • Administer the service agreement contracts for the UC2B service
  • Collect data about current and future Internet use
  • Collect data to support the broadband installation to the home or building
  • Work with the subscriber to locate the broadband service equipment
  • Build and maintain an information system to support the subscription, installation and canvassing activities

This information has an added advantage that will drive interest and enthusiasm toward UC2B.  A shared, community-owned infrastructure, UC2B thrives on understanding the specific needs and desires of residents within the census blocks, who have a large population of non-adopters in relation to other segments of our community.  By inquiring the specific needs, desires, and associated concerns, the provided input will help to ensure that UC2B services and operational management directly supports that of its targeted customer-base.