Open Access

UC2B – An Open Access Network
In accordance with FCC 05-151, the FCC’s Broadband Policy Statement, UC2B will be a non-discriminatory, open access network where service providers can competitively provide services including, but not limited, to data and video. As a result, UC2B subscribers will have competitive options for accessing lawful Internet content, applications and services via devices of their choice.

  • UC2B Network subscribers will benefit from the innovation created through service provider competition.
  • Providers of lawful Internet applications or content will not be discriminated against. All traffic will be neutrally routed, regardless of source or packet type.
  • When choosing a service provider, UC2B Network subscribers should be able to make informed decisions. Thereby, all UC2B service providers will be required to display network management policies in a prominent location on their web page.
  • UC2B Network subscribers will have access to public Internet service offerings.
  • Providers can interconnect on the UC2B Network. This maximizes the service choices for UC2B Network subscribers.

By creating and enforcing an open access infrastructure, UC2B subscribers will benefit from maximized choice at competitive rates. Additionally, local and even global service providers are given equal, non-biased opportunities to expand a subscriber portfolio, which in turn creates economic development momentum.

Interconnection Capabilities
The UC2B Network is designed with many Interconnection Points.  491 proposed splice points on the 76-mile Middle-Mile conduit infrastructure and 166 proposed handholes dispersed across the Last Mile underserved areas provide vast opportunities for providers and/or customers to interconnect with other UC2B connected entities.  On average there will be interconnection points every 700 to 1000 feet on the UC2B Middle Mile rings.

The UC2B Project team intends to provide a framework whereby any provider can easily deliver competitive services to any UC2B subscriber.