August Board Meeting

The UC2B not-for-profit board will conduct a regular board meeting from 8:30 a.m.-10 a.m. on Tuesday, August 26 at 713 Edgebrook Drive in Champaign. Meetings are held monthly on the last Tuesday and are open to the public. The agenda for the August 26, 2014 meeting is below.

UC2B Not-For-Profit Monthly Board Meeting

I. Call to Order Roll Call and Determine Quorum

II. Public Comment

III. *Action/Discussion Items:

a. *Approval of Minutes – August 12 Meeting Minutes

b. Introduction – Roxana Ryan

c. Monthly Legal and Non-Profit Transition Update – Dave Krchak and Mandi Alt

d. Monthly Financial Update – Leslie/Treasurer

e. ITV3 Update

f. Two-year Budget Discussion

IV. Future Agenda Items

V. Board Member Comments

VI. Adjournment

Incorrect Due Date on June Invoices

A glitch in our billing system caused June invoices to show both an Invoice Date and a Due Date of 6/1.

The due date for June invoices is NOT 6/1, and there will NOT be service interruptions for June payments received after 6/15.

We apologize for the confusion, and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please email with any questions!

UC2B Announces Partnership with iTV-3

UC2B iTV3 Press Packet

New UC2B NFP Website

UC2B NFP has a redesigned website! As part of this, we look forward to soon accepting online payments. Thank you for your patience as we have worked through this process. For billing information, you can go to the Billing section of the website.

Our last post from August, 2013, addressed the fact that we were in the process of transitioning from an Intergovernmental Consortium to a not-for-profit entity. The past several months have been a surge of activity as we have made this transition. We got a new board, moved into a new office building, transferred database and billing systems more than once, trained new staff – all while maintaining the daily operations of the UC2B Network and ISP. This whole process has been an incredible learning opportunity for all of us involved, and an endeavor about which we all are still very passionate.

In the midst of the extensive details inherent in starting up a business from scratch, we have also been enthusiastically continuing to pursue the expansion effort that we believe will make UC2B NFP viable long term. As we mentioned in that post from August, it has always been in UC2B’s long-term goal to seek a private partnership to expand the network to the rest of the community, and we continue seeking the right partner for our community.

We recognize that it is only through the support of our community that we can be successful, and we cannot overstate how thankful we are for your ongoing support of us.